Welcome to Version III of SkinRegeneration.org

Welcome to the Driskell Lab at Washington State University! We are a team of undergraduates and graduate students under the guidance of Dr. Ryan Driskell and Dr. Iwona Driskell.

When it comes down to it, we’re all passionate about one thing: skin biology. As researchers, our collective focus is understanding how skin regenerates using a lot of weird and wacky animal models. You name it, we’ve (probably) stained it. Some of our favorites so far are: trout, mice, and turtles.

As we expand our collection of histological images and datasets, we are updating* our website (skinregeneration.org) to share this information more widely with those who are interested. After all, what is research if not something to be shared?

Skinregeneration.org will be the go-to site for information about all the Driskell Lab’s publications, undergraduate projects, and science communication endeavors. Not only will we update this site regularly with new data, but we hope to publish weekly blog posts about our “zoo” of animal specimens and anything else exciting we’re working on. Undergraduates will have the opportunity to write blog posts sharing their research prior to publication, which will serve as a virtual portfolio of their work here.

Additionally, Sam Kindl has revamped the entire website from the ground up — not to mention, he has done a phenomenal job coding a gene-search function using Python, so be sure to check out your favorite gene(s).

With that, we welcome you to have a look around! We have a few surprises up our sleeve, so check back here for the latest updates.

*This is the third version of skinregeneration.org. Over the years, various team members have worked to make it more accessible and interesting, leading us to the version you’re seeing today. If you’re curious about the impetus for and history of this project, check out the page history section.

Written by Emma Ledbetter