Page History

Version I

Quan Phan, Ryan Driskell, Iwona Driskell, and Jared Brannan established version 1 of "" as a single-cell-RNA-seq webtool, which was inspired by the pioneering work of the Rendl Laboratory at The original website and gene-search function were based in the cloud and developed by a then-undergraduate mathematician, Jared Brannan, from Washington State University. Jared is now a graduate student in the mathematics department at WSU.

jared portrait
Jared Brannan

Version II

In version 2 of "," our goal was to keep the same look and feel as version 1, but to have more granular control over the website design and search functions. Sarayut (Nine) Winuthayanon generated version 2 by rewriting the gene-search function based on PHP code. The PHP-based search function allowed the website to generate multiple search results from a single gene query. For example, we were able to generate a webtool that combines search results from both single-cell-RNA-seq data and single-cell-ATAC-seq data on one web page. This tool was first published in Thompson et al. 2021.

nine portrait
Sarayut "Nine" Winuthayanon

Version III

Version 3 of "" was reimagined from the ground up. The entire website was rewritten and restructured again by Sam Kindl. In addition, Sam rewrote the gene-search function by using Python-based protocols, which will allow us to expand the functions of our website beyond single-cell data.

sam portrait
Sam Kindl

Version IV

Version 4 re-imagines what single-cell RNAseq can be with the new search function allowing users to cross compare any published database with each other. This version is uses a JavaScript search function created by Tommy Duong which integrates with the new frontend of the website created by Sam Kindl.

sam and tommy portrait
Tommy Duong Sam Kindl